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The French language training at CIIL Porto-Novo is on three levels with intense excursion and linguistic immersion programs. We organize DELF & DALF training and preparation sessions for our learners.

Certificate in french language

A three-month program designed for people at SSCE or GCE level or for anyone wishing to learn French.

Diploma in french language

A six-month program designed for people at SSCE or GCE level or for anyone wishing to learn French.

Advanced Diploma in french language

A nine-month program designed for people at SSCE or GCE level or for anyone who wishes to learn French.

Stage pour collège d'éducation

A program designed for second-year or third-year students in non-French-speaking normal schools (COE). This program lasts between 6 weeks and 3 months.

The year abroad programme

A program designed for non-French speaking third year students in public and / or private universities. It lasts between 7 months and 9 months depending on the partnership between the CIIL and the universities concerned.


This program is a modular training which is offered to students who have a basis in the study of French and who wish to have these diplomas. Thanks to the partnership between the CIIL and the French Institute in Benin, this diploma is easy to obtain.

Excursions for secondary schools

Through this program, non-French-speaking students make a partial immersion through tourist outings in French-speaking countries like Benin and Togo. Accommodation, catering, health and tourist visits for students are provided by the CIIL. It lasts between a week and a month.

Organization of international conferences

This program concerns language teachers and especially French teachers who wish to promote their publications through the annual conferences of the CIIL and the international research journal in education, literature and languages (RIRELL). This program lasts between three days and a week.

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What our students say

CIIL porto-novo is a citadel of linguistic excellence. Not excellent because I studied there, but because in 3 months I was already speaking the French language. Experience has been described as the best teacher as such, CIIL is a citadel choked up with not just academic activities, but other memorable life changing experiences that bond, impact and above all teach the realities of life. Le CIIL est la meilleur place d'étude. It is just the place to be.

Umoren Innocent

Cross river state, Nigéria

CIIL is an interesting immersion programme centre. CIIL is full of knowledge with diligent lecturers. CIIL is an immersion programme centre where one can get a great knowledge in french language. Go to CIIL and you won't regret learning french.

Adedoye Adejoke Abimbola

COE ORO, Kwara State

I can really testify that CIIL is a very good centre for French studies and immersion programs. The French I speak is as a result of my stay in CIIL, so if you want to learn French with ease and at a cheap rate go to CIIL.


From the University of Calabar

Je m'appelle Abidon Mbullah. Je suis étudiante en hôtellerie et tourisme à l'université de Wukari, Etat de Taraba. J'aime le CIIL parceque c'est un centre qui s'occupe très bien des étudiants. Au CIIL, c'est la grande dicipline.

Abidon Mbullah

De l'université de Wukari

Having my French immersion in CIIL, was an opportunity to study the language and also, learn the African cultural diversity, history, and recreation. It has been an unforgettable moment in my life and I will forever cherish in my heart. Thank you Dr Oke Martial, for the various opportunities you gave to me and my friends.

Bonosa Kwadwo Fosu, S.J.

From Ghana and seminarian